You know this picture when trading on your own or in most, if not all rooms!

Your heart’s beating a million miles an hour!

You’ve broken into a sweat and your finger is quivering on the mouse button!


Your adrenaline spikes, your fingers fumble, and panic sets in as you realize you’ve blown it, again!

Your heart sinks as you go into the red – this can’t keep happening to you!

The stress, the anxiety, the heart palpitations!

It can be overwhelming, especially when your losing days are outweighing your winning days!

THE CURE?…….You need to find a trade room AND presenter who has the skills and knowledge to call out winning trades. Someone who will “Telegraph” his entries beforehand giving you enough time to place a Limit Order to avoid “slippage”.

Someone who enters trades with a clear strategy, a clear plan, and a clear mind.

Someone who doesn’t get caught up in emotions, and the fluctuations of the market, and just trades consistently in a cool, calm, and collected manner when trading in front of people from all over the world!

Someone who sticks to his trade management plan and executes it with total consistency.

The presenter is cool, calm, collected, and he’s got the skills of a winning trader!

Someone who doesn’t insult you by telling you his method isn’t failing, you are!

Someone who SELLS nothing… hounding you into buying an expensive method or indicators……NOTHING!

His trade call outs are done for you, allowing for more consistency and confidence without the emotional roller coaster you may have experienced on your own or in other trade rooms!

There’s no yelling, no panic.

No chasing the markets, no chasing lost money.

A presentation that is 100% transparent and objective, sharing his trades with you on your screen!                             avatar803_10

In and out of the market in as little as an hour, two max, and then you are off to get on doing the things the FREEDOM that profitable trading allows you!

Wouldn’t you love to see how it’s done?

The awesome thing is, you can!

See why THE SHADOW TRADERS ZONE members appreciate these attributes while they are being introduced to a room that they SEE live TRADES, LOOKING over the shoulder of the PRESENTING TRADER and room members…..

THE SHADOW TRADERS ZONE’S Presenter is a 30 year veteran, not your average ‘guru’ shot-gun presenter who insults you by trying to up sell you expensive methods and/ or indicators that don’t work, while telling you, when their “STUFF” doesn’t work, it’s YOUR fault!

AGAIN: The room is dependable, professional, and 100% TRANSPARENT

THE SHADOW TRADERS ZONE call out room is different from anything and everything you have ever seen or experienced before!